DJ Alexi aka Alexi Constantinou was born 15 May 1982 in South Africa. Since his early childhood, his father, an amateur dj, introduced him to the world of becoming a dj and quickly became his main inspiration. At the age of fifteen he started DJ’ing on vinyl and later moved to cds. Opportunities started to open up for him as he began to become known on the scene.
Along the way he created his own company called “Passadembo” which specialized in private events such as receptions, parties, celebrity events, cocktail parties and other events that were intended quality entertainment. He has also played as a guest dj in top clubs.
Dj Alexi doesn’t usually limit himsef to one genre. He plays commercial dance, house, rnb, latin, 80′s and greek. He is able to mix the various genres using digital vinyl system and a laptop.
One of his strong points is the ability to bring himself between the music and the crowds. He is always keeping his knowledge of the scene up to date and believes that the special moments of people should be enjoyable because of him.
He is currently travelling for events between Cyprus, United Kingdom and South Africa.